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Whilst he understood that to be brought so abruptly from one’s thoughts was a indeed a pain, especially when the reason that busied train was brought to halt was by that of a stranger with a pressing matter which both included and excluded you, Ciel had little care to spare to such an idea at that present moment. He was in trouble; a stolen noble who belonged at home or at least by the side of his butler, but instead was trapped in some village he could not identify. The voice which answered him hardly soothed his pains either, the foreign drawl causing worry to bubble within the pits of his stomach somewhat. Could he truly have been shipped off to some unknown location, far beyond any lush Albion greenery? Well, the young Earl would have plenty to say about that should it ever be the case. Abduction, no matter how common it was for him, was not a favoured experience whatsoever. 

Anger danced upon his tongue as he attempted to resist the urge to bark at the stranger, though with a deep breath he soothed his temper somewhat, merely allowing a scowl to form upon his face whilst his voice echoed his inner contempt. "What is this? Goddesses? Pandora? I don’t have time to play silly little games with you. Tell me where I really am and how, exactly, I can return home!” That urgency rang much clearer during his second outburst, the demand more desperate than the tone which clung to his voice had truly revealed. He was in trouble alright, and then this girl had the cheek to toy with his situation, making a mockery of the that panic that might have widened within his eye. 


"It’s the title given to one of nobility, a man of great social standing, so you’ll understand why it is that I need to leave this place immediately!" Ciel was irritated. His brows had furrowed in some obvious display of his irked mindset whilst his posture remained still and tall, despite his height (or lack of). There was a knack to taking control of a situation and since he’d grown wise already to such things even with his young age, he meant to display his control whenever he saw fit, which was pretty much constantly. Should this girl rile him further, however, than that control would only be enforced in a less than savoury manner. The girl appeared from a place so unlike his own, which struck him as a signal to allow her the grace of a chance at least to explain her wording and why she had spoken in such a falsely poetic sense. After all, goddesses did not just pluck people willy nilly. Then again, so much strange behaviour had made its way into the Earl’s life prior to whatever was happening to him now, that he felt a small part of him believe her. He would have to investigate, as any Guard Dog naturally would.

How human that reaction was, how normal. Being the only elder of this land (how strange of an idea that is; she’s younger than practically everyone), she told herself to deal with his scowl and that quietly turbulent tone that, if it had a face, would also have its lips pulled down in disdain. There was a time that she was equally irritable - her blade appearing with the manifestation of a human from any walk of life, how vile they truly were not important to her -, so she attempted to be the adult of the situation and calm his trepidation. Respect not being an attribute she knew she could grasp easily, though, she doubted beforehand how effective her attempts will be, but she was one to put the effort into trying.

"I’m not messing with you, Earl. You…must trust me. There’s no return home." Gaze abruptly travelling upward, Madot tugs on her braids once more, time already slipping by in the face of this new arrival. "… I say that as someone who has been here for almost a year."

Proceeding to receive his explanation of what an earl is, the dream girl apprehended the meaning of it with a mindset of cataloging data and nothing else — ‘nothing else’ was defined as not allowing his social status to alter how she’d choose to handle his behavior, whether it stays stable or not. Soon enough he’ll come to contend with the fact that with no return home means his title as Earl might as well be negated, the laws of this world only abiding to the wishes of the goddess. Superiority means nothing without building oneself from a sharp zero, a social rebirth, and thenceforth stabilizing your suddenly diverged life to a tightrope of a world that was directly god-made, the fundamental creation of their respective universes crumbling beneath the string every relocated citizen tread. From her standpoint, she disliked Pandora just as much as everyone else, her patience in living here deriving from the reality she would have to face had she remained upon the soil that had previously been so familiar. This granted her a sort of empathy, albeit she has yet to learn to capture and expend its abilities.


His head canted slightly at the child’s face. Seems she wasn’t too happy with his answer, but it was all he could provide to her. He had just arrived in this place, and he wasn’t really sure about the rules here. And he had to admit, he was pretty sure no one would allow a child to be king; however, there had been stranger things to happen before. He would definitely know. 


"Nice t’ meetcha, Madotsuki."

He offered her a smile, but then raised his brow slightly. She had been sad just a few moments ago, and now she seemed a bit detached. Perhaps she was experiencing some shock? It wouldn’t surprise him a bit if that were the case. His head tilted slightly before he chuckled a bit. 

"Yeah I do. Why do you ask?"

It was clear that she was coming off as a bit strange, his reactions were decent indicators, but being the type of person she is, she didn’t quite take a particular care to alter her mannerism, merely going on to indulge her train of thought.

"Well, you see…the goddess of this land…I heard somewhere that it’s possible to face her." A small hand raises to her chin in brief contemplation of how he’d perceive that statement, braids also gravitating to the side with a tilt of the head, before continuing: "I don’t want to battle her, though. It’d be dangerous…is all." Grasping a pause, the dream girl in-took a breath as if she was running short of lung capacity, the fault of such laying in her normally short speech. She felt it essential to explain herself despite her tendencies, however.

"I…want to ask why she revived this place. But I’m scared she’ll attack me. I don’t want to die here again. It feels bad."

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★かさ★ | ホナ


The ravenette’s eyes widened a bit in surprised when he felt her tap him and start running. 


"Huh?" Shaking his head, he chuckled and folded his arms. “Is that how it’s gonna be then? Fine! Bring it on!” He began to chase her when all of the sudden she disappeared. Jumping back in surprise, he looked left and right. "Whoa! Where did you go!?"

Her plan was going as planned. From the get-go she didn’t want to partake in any normal game of tag, rather use her Effects for a big of fun, of harmless play. And that expression of his was completely worth it.

Returning to him, she bounced around his person in varying spots.

Oooooh! I tricked you…! Noooo escape.” Cue a chorus of ghost sounds.



"I’m game! Who’s it?"

"Oh! Tag with Zack…!"

"You’re it! Okaaaaaaaay—go!” She then scampers off in the opposite direction, activating her Triangle Kerchief Effect with a pop and instantly becoming invisible.

That’s fair.